Invest in Memphis

Creating New International Opportunities in Memphis  

The goal of “Invest in Memphis” is to promote and advance foreign direct investment in Memphis. The objectives of the program include facilitating the growth of international trade and foreign direct investment in Memphis and facilitating economic development through interactions with foreign organizations.  Furthermore the program seeks to promote Memphis as an international business destination, supplying foreign companies with relevant information and consulting services that foster continued development in Memphis.

The program is designed to identify key areas and industries in which Memphis’ strengths lie and promulgate through research and data the advantages in each area for a foreign company. All pertinent information for establishing a business in Memphis such as business form options, legal requirements, tax laws, workforce, and cultural considerations will be provided to ease the challenges facing a foreign company locating in Memphis. Additionally, services provided will cover all stages in the development and investment project procedure, including services that extend past the preliminary set-up.

For more information on Invest in Memphis, please contact:

Ernest Strickland | Director, Economic Development
Direct: 901-543-3548 | Fax: 901-543-3510

FedEx Global Hub Strategy Objectives

IFedEx has three world-wide hubs – Memphis (U.S.), Paris (France) and Guangzhou (China) – that are the cornerstones of its global network.  These hubs represent a strong investment by FedEx in its service infrastructure, as well as the local markets and communities involved.  FedEx is looking for ways to leverage its presence at these world-wide hubs into business development opportunities.  Specifically, FedEx:

  • Is committed to establishing hub markets that are attractive to customers who place emphasis on a efficient supply chain and require close proximity to a reliable, timely transportation network
  • Focuses its efforts on being the Carrier of Choice, Employer of Choice and Neighbor of Choice.
  • Developing a comprehensive Global Hub strategy assisting potential customers in determining the best solution for their supply chain needs
  • Developing comprehensive collateral promoting investment around the three major FedEx hubs (Memphis, Guangzhou, and Charles de Gaulle)

To do this, FedEx will concentrate on five areas of research and development:

  • Customer Outreach
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Government Alignment
  • FedEx Portfolio Development
  • Resources Investment