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90+1 Reasons We Love Living & Working in the 901

The Greater Memphis Chamber staff wishes you a very happy 9/01 Day! If there's one thing we love, it's celebrating all the exciting developments, ideas, events and people in our city. We wanted to join in the fun today, so we've compiled a list of 90+1 things we love about living and working in Memphis, Tennessee.This list includes the favorites of our staff, members, social media followers, SoundCheck and some highlights from our bragging rights page. Browse through the list and then leave your own favorite in the comments section below!

#1 "Memphis has soul!!! And that's something that can't be taken away." - Susan Hadley Maynor, Vice President, Economic Development

#2 Memphis is one of the most hospitable cities in the U.S., ranked 6th by based on visitors reviews of the city in 2013. #BraggingRight


#4 "I love all the local businesses! Whether I want coffee, beer, a good craft cocktail or even sushi, Memphis has so many superb restaurants and shops and I love that supporting local businesses is so easy here." – Sarah Harris, Research Project Manager

#5 The Children’s Museum of Memphis was the eighth children’s museums in the nation to be awarded accreditation by the American Alliance of Museums. The museum was named the“Best Children’s Museum” by AAA Southern Traveler Magazinein 2011. #BraggingRight

#6 "The opportunity. Memphis has so much happening each week. There are what seems like endless opportunities to get involved in the areas that matter to you. From indie music to politics and local food to rock climbing, there are so many ways to take leadership and make a difference." – Schuyler Dalton, SoundCheck


#8 Shea Flinn, SVP of Chairman's Circle: 

#9 "I love Memphis because people smile and say hello as you walk the streets." – Titile KesKessa, Executive Assistant

#10 "I love the people, the rich history, the big city with a small town feel, the wide range of arts, parks and entertainment, and all available within a short driving distance from our home.” – Lorraine Ferguson, Wilder Systems, Chamber Ambassador 

#11 Downtown Memphis was ranked 15th on Forbes “U.S. Cities’ Emerging Downtowns” list (2013). #BraggingRight

#12 "One of my favorite things about Memphis is Downtown Farmer’s Market! It’s not just about getting the best fruits and veggies on the planet, but it’s an experience. The sound of eclectic tunes from local musicians, smiling kids after a face painting session and nibbling on samples from vendors is simply the best." – Patricia McKinney, Member Engagement Specialist


#14 "I love living in Memphis because there are a lot of family friendly activities and compared with other big cities there is no such thing as traffic congestion!" – Zinnia Ron-Ferguson, Research Project Manager, GIS

#15 "As a native of this city, it’s been amazing watching the city start to boom again. This is particularly true in Downtown in the last five years, where I work and live. And there is so much more to do now here in the local scene: Overton Square (again!), live music at the Levitt Shell, the Grizzlies, farmers markets, great parks. This city has so much to offer. I hear that we even have a giant pyramid." – Reuben Brunson, RocketFuel

#16 Memphis Light, Gas and Water customers pay the lowest utility bills, including electricity, natural gas, water and wastewater in the nation, according to a 2014 survey of 50 utilities. #BraggingRight

#17 "Big mature trees, 4+ microbreweries, Friday night art opening parties (especially Midtown and Downtown), Levitt Shell, the Wolf River, Tom Lee Park and good water!" – Bill Bullock, Manager, MLGW

#18 "Two of many things I love about Memphis: Muddy’s cupcakes and the cost of living in this city." – Haley Simmons, Director of Public Policy

#19 Ballet Memphis celebrated its 28th season in 2014. Identified as a “national treasure” by the Ford Foundation, Ballet Memphis produces more original work than any other company of its size. #BraggingRight

#20 "I love Memphis! I have chosen to live in Memphis my entire life. I love the city for its rich history of hard work, entrepreneurship and creativity." – Debbie Crawford, Pugh’s Flowers, Chamber Ambassador

#21 "Access. This city is affordable, you can enjoy life here on a millennial’s budget whereas my friends in larger cities are pinching pennies. But also access to making a change. Here, if you want to do something, there are people that want to help you." – Frankie Dakin, SoundCheck

#22 "Memphis feels like a small town and I see people I know everywhere I go, but it has all the amenities of a big city: art, culture, music and sports!" – Jenny Fish, Online Marketing Manager

#23 The Memphis Grizzlies were ranked #2 out of 122 sports teams (from the NBA, MLB, NFL, and NHL) in the ESPN the Magazine’s 2014 “Ultimate Standings” list. The Grizzlies were ranked 1st in the category “Affordability” category. #BraggingRights

#24 "I love Overton Park, Elmwood Cemetery, the River, the Peabody and Court Square with food trucks. But the main one is the PEOPLE." – Jean Reid, Grant Project Manager


#26 "I love living in Memphis because of the Memphis Zoo – it is one of the BEST zoos in the country – and the Liberty Bowl – there are not a lot of places that you can attend a football game in December and it could possibly be 70 or 80 degrees outside!" – Tasha Livingston, Business Development Manager

#27 The Memphis Zoo was named one of America's 10 Best Zoos by Fodor Travel in 2015. Fodor hailed the new jellyfish exhibit as a "must-see." #BraggingRight

#28 "Located in the Mid-South, Memphis has so much to offer from rich history and culture, talented arts and entertainment, fabulous dining options and enjoyable weather." – Lana McDonald, Big Cypress Lodge

#29 "I love the Memphis colors – spring blooms, fall foliage and Mississippi River sunsets." – Anita Brackin, Director of Workforce Development + Education

Cameron Todd, Business Development Consultant:

#31 Opera Memphis has been a Memphis tradition for more than 40 years and features Kallen Esperian, one of the world’s greatest sopranos. Esperian has performed in some of the world’s preeminent opera houses and with the world’s most well-known opera singers, Luciano Pavarotti and Plácido Domingo. #BraggingRight

#32 "Every area has something of their own to be proud of and that list continues to grow with all of the new developments occurring. We work had for what we have and live each day with the grit and grind mentality." – Joseph Hisky, Now Leasing, Chamber Ambassador


#34 "I love the fact that you get a chance to carry on a historical business in owning the oldest soul food restaurant in Memphis!" – Jerry Thompson, Business Development Consultant

#35 Memphis hosts the PGA Tour for the annual St. Jude Classic presented by FedEx. The St. Jude Classic is the only PGA event held in the state of Tennessee. #BraggingRight

#36 "Our city is on the verge of a renaissance and everyone can sense the exciting potential. The best thing about being a young professional is the endless opportunities to become a part of this 'rebirth.'" – Anna Cardona, SoundCheck

#37 "I love that Memphis has soul, music, talent and good water!" – Lauren Loeb, Director of Membership

#38 Travel + Leisure named Memphis #11 on their list of America's 20 Best Cities for Beer Lovers in 2015. #BraggingRight

#39 "There is a strong business climate in Memphis right now, and our city is blessed with a proactive government and business leaders who have a vision for the city and county. That’s exciting." – Robert McBride, State Systems, Inc.

#40 Memphis’ 3,520-acre Shelby Farms Park is the 2nd largest urban county park in the United States.  It receives about 500,000 annual visitors, and is in the top 100 most visited city parks according to the Trust for Public Land. It is five times larger than New York City’s Central Park (2013). #BraggingRight

#41 "I am loving all the growth. I am excited about Trader Joe’s and IKEA plus all the construction activity in my neighborhood surrounding Graceland. I am happy to have helped with that and also about the impact it will have on the value of my home." – Adrienne Johnson, Vice President of Research


#43 The National Civil Rights Museum, formerly the Lorraine Motel, was one of the few motels in the Memphis area that serviced African-American travelers in the segregated south. The property faced demolition until a group called the Lorraine Civil Rights Museum Foundation purchased the property in 1984. On Sept. 28, 1991, the Civil Rights Museum was officially opened to the public.  The museum was voted the #3 Iconic American Attraction on, a publication of USA Today, in 2013. #BraggingRight

#44 "The energy and passion of this city is like no other! Memphis is a hub of opportunity, southern hospitality, good times and great food. I love that Memphis is large enough to offer metropolitan amenities but small enough to run into people you know at all corners of the city." – Melissa Pope, Memphis Reprographics, Chamber Ambassador

#45 In 2013, Forbes ranked Memphis the 4th-happiest city to work in right now, based on employee rankings on #BraggingRight


#47 "I love the ease of getting around the city and to the people you need to see." – Ernest Strickland, Vice President of International & Business Partnerships

#48 "Unquestionably, it is the accessibility. From sporting and social events to programs like the Lipscomb Pitts Breakfast Club & SoundCheck’s Corner Office series, which affords young professionals easy access to major players in business, Memphis offers unmatched opportunity to connect both socially & professionally." – Teddy Gorman, SoundCheck

#49 The Memphis Symphony Orchestra’s concert season begins in September and performs their season finale during the Memphis in May festivities each year. The symphony is committed to community engagement programs that tie orchestra and citizens together – an effort that recently won one of four Mellon Foundation grants. #BraggingRight

Andre Gibson, Project Manager, Economic Development

#51 "Many small and local business owners here believe in supporting other small and local businesses, and this makes me love this city even more." – Dale Hill, MagTech Lab, Chamber Ambassador

#52 Hog and Hominy has also been named among the best new restaurants by Bon Appetit (2013), Southern Living (2013) and GQ Magazine (2012). #BraggingRight

#53 "I love working in Downtown Memphis with access to the parks and lots of restaurants all within a short walking distance. Walking on the Main Street pedestrian mall and shopping at lunch in the retail businesses on South Main are also my favorites." – Linda Orman, Human Resources Administrator

#54 "As a young professional in Memphis, we are given a unique opportunity to shape the future we have imagined from the ground floor. Whether it’s entertainment and activities or climbing the corporate ladder and entrepreneurship, Memphis offers young professionals the keys to success." – Trey Carter, SoundCheck


#56 "I love Memphis because it has grown to be very diverse. I can find every kind of restaurant representing the world a short drive away – Ethiopian, Moroccan, Brazilian, Thai, Mongolian, Vietnamese, etc." – Titile KesKessa, Executive Assistant

#57 Autozone Park, home of the Memphis Redbirds, was named as the nations one of the best minor league parks in 2013 by Stadium Journey magazine. #BraggingRight

#58 "Memphis is clearly a city on the rise. The Downtown community continues to grow and thrive. And the culture of Memphis and vibrant arts scene makes it a perfect place to develop our agency offering." – Kenneth Dowling, Young & Rubicam Memphis

#59 Travel + Leisure named Memphis one of “America’s Best Cities for Foodies” in 2015. #BraggingRight

#60 "Working in Memphis afforded me the opportunity to actually buy a home, which I doubt very seriously I would have been able to do anywhere else. I also love estate sailing with friends and breakfast at Brother Junipers and Café Eclectic." – Beverly Davis

#61 "Success is here for the making. Whatever you want to do with your career you can do it here. You will never have the access to resources you need in any other city. Professionals at every level are always willing to listen and mentor young professionals. It is also exciting to be a part of change. This city is on the move and I am proud to be a very small part of it." – Thomas Holmes, SoundCheck

#62 The Orpheum brings Broadway to Memphis through their Broadway Series with 8 to 10 touring performances every season. The Orpheum also hosts movie nights, comedy and musical performances and celebrated its 85th anniversary in 2013. #BraggingRight


#64 Muddy’s Bake Shop was named one of “America’s Best Bakeries” byTravel + Leisure in 2013. #BraggingRight

#65 "I adore all the old craftsman and Victorian houses in Midtown and love that it’s possible (and affordable) to live in a house with a yard while still being only minutes from the city. On the other hand, it’s also possible to live on a 10+ acre farm in the “country” and still be less than 30 minutes from Downtown!" – Sarah Harris, Research Project Manager

#66 In 2014, U.S. News Money ranked Memphis one of the "10 Best Places for Single Boomers to Retire." #BraggingRight

#67 "I love driving in Memphis. It’s an easy city to navigate once you figure out that Poplar Avenue is always home base." – Anita Brackin


#69 Memphis is home to over 30 golf courses, public and private. #BraggingRight

#70 "I love that Memphis offers a diverse selection of affordable things to do whether you like theatre, concerts, sports, opera, symphony, ballet, shopping or dining." – Ann Terry, Memphis Bioworks, Chamber Ambassador

#71 In 2015, The Memphis Farmer’s Market was ranked 14th in The Daily Meal’s “101 Best Farmers’ Markets in America.” #BraggingRight

#72 "Memphis is easy, and the weather is great!" – Ted Ferris, CFO & SVP of Administration

#73 The Orpheum brings Broadway to Memphis through their Broadway Series with 8 to 10 touring performances every season. The Orpheum also hosts movie nights, comedy and musical performances and celebrated its 85th anniversary in 2013. #BraggingRight

#74 "I like that Memphis feels like a small town but with city amenities. The cost of living is low and I love having four very distinctive seasons throughout the year." – Zinnia Ron-Ferguson, Research Project Manager, GIS

Christina Meek, Director of Communications:

#76 The Memphis in May Festival was named the #1 "Best Southern Event" by 10Best, a publication of USA Today in 2015. #BraggingRight


#78 Hog and Hominy is home to two of the “Best New Chefs in America,” Andrew Ticer and Michael Tudman, according to Food & Wine magazine (2013). #BraggingRight

#79 "The thing I love most about doing business in Memphis is how other business owners are willing to give you an opportunity then introduce you to other businesses. The sense of belonging in the local business market is paramount!" – Edwin Pope, Digital Genetix

#80 "The food – and not just the BBQ. I love all of the authentic varieties of food from all over the world." – Adrienne Johnson, Vice President of Research

#81 In 2014,, a personal finance website, ranks Memphis 10th on their “Best Urban Places to Retire” list, due to the low cost of living, rich cultural history, and variety of senior services. #BraggingRight

#82 "I live in a city that has the largest NAACP membership in the country!" – Jerry Thompson, Business Development Consultant


#84 "We essentially have a generation of mentors who are bending over backwards to support young professionals. Our leaders are dedicating their time, talent and money to plant the seeds of change right now. The benefits of which will not be reaped by these leaders but by us and future generations." – Brittany Rowe, SoundCheck

#85 Earnestine & Hazel's have all been named among the 100 “Best Bars in the South” by Southern Living magazine in 2013 and 2014. #BraggingRight

#86 "Living and working in Downtown is like living in Mayberry! Everyone is friendly and I can walk everywhere I need to go!" – Susan Hadley Maynor, Vice Presdient of Economic Development

#87 USA Today’s sports blog “For the Win” named Memphis the #1 “Most Underrated Sports Cities in America” for its support of both the University of Memphis Tigers and the Memphis Grizzlies in 2014. #BraggingRight


#89 Southern Living named Memphis one the “South’s Tastiest Towns” in 2013. #BraggingRight 

#90 "I love Memphis because of the insane amount of good and free live music that’s everywhere (Beal, Levitt Shell, Main Street, etc.)." – Titile KesKessa, Executive Assistant

+1 We need you to fill in the blank: I love Memphis because _______________. (Leave your answer in the comments!)

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