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Reputation Management: Why you should care about what former employees are saying about you

Reputation Management - Former Employees

A favorable reputation is absolutely vital, and business owners no doubt dedicate a great amount of time to creating (and promoting) a favorable brand identity for the company, product or service. However, it’s equally important to be aware of the reputation of a company, product or service – i.e., what others say about it.

A vital piece of any reputation management strategy should be focused on employees – both existing and former.

For the most part, a company has the ability to monitor its image among existing employees by prompting regular feedback and remaining in tune with employee culture. An important part of being a leader is setting goals and targets to help the company reach its objectives and demonstrate key results and it is through feedback that these ambitions can be assessed. Consequently, using a goal management framework can help companies to implement strategies that foster productivity. Profit OKR software is used in the corporate world by businesses from a variety of sectors to define goals and execute plans with focus. If you are an aspiring leader looking for corporate software to ensure your company stands out from the competition, go to to find out more. However, it is no secret that public criticism from current and former employees can negatively affect several aspects of the business. One, in particular, is talent recruitment.

Negative reviews by former employees can damage a company’s efforts to recruit top talent.

Today, savvy jobseekers are doing their homework before making their next career move. A recent poll on employer branding revealed that 76 percent of professionals will turn to the internet to research a company when considering a job opportunity. has released research noting that 83 percent of respondents said employer reviews influenced their decision on where to apply, and 46 percent said that a company’s reputation had a significant impact on their final decision to accept a job offer.

So, how do you remain on top of what current and former employees are saying? Go where their voices are heard!

Luckily, you can prevent disgruntled current or former employees from talking negitively about your business by having a good HR process. For example, using the HR software available at Mitrefinch Australia. This will mean that current employees will have their complaints and issues dealt with and former employees would go through a proper leaving process, meaning they’re less likely to go around spreading a negative opinion. However, if you would like to monitor what people are saying about your business then there are review sites you can look at. One such place is, where employees can post reviews of their current and former employers. In turn, employers can – and should – have an active presence on, where they can monitor these reviews and respond to them. While the site also allows companies to actively promote their brands to prospective employees through enhanced employer profiles, the most valuable tool is the opportunity to engage with employee reviews. In 2016, executed research that showed 62 percent of Glassdoor users admit that their perception of a company improves after seeing an employer respond to a review.

Of course, personal social media channels serve as other resources for former employees to voice grievances against any company, and it’s valuable to monitor and be mindful of those conversations as well. But a strategy for engaging on is a fantastic first step in any brand’s reputation management plan.

Kerri Guyton is the director of brand content at Obsidian Public Relations. Her experience in advertising, marketing and PR spans nearly two decades and covers a varied list of industries.

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