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Fighting Germs in the Workplace

Workplace Germs

Winter brings about many joyous things—a favorite cozy sweater, warm fireplaces, rich hot cocoa and more. However, it’s also marked as being the dreaded flu season. With an average of 200,000 people hospitalized due to the illness each year, staying healthy becomes a major priority for all.

Getting the vaccine and covering your mouth when coughing are obvious ways to help prevent the virus from spreading. However, with the shot only protecting participants against three to four strains of the virus, the most important way to avoid it is one we don’t often think about: cleaning the surfaces we touch every day. High-traffic areas such as door handles, light switches and faucets are prime pieces of real estate for bacteria to grow at a rapid rate, but did you know that there are other areas that are home to even more?

A study conducted by the Deb Group, a hygiene company, discovered that the average office toilet seat had 49 germs per square inch, while desktops had almost 21,000 and phones boasted more than 25,000! This is why it’s so important to check out Commercial Office Cleaning Services in London to ensure your workplace is kept safe and free of germs. No one wants to work in a dirty, dusty environment anyway! Checking out a toto c200 review might be beneficial to your workplace since you can learn the benefits of a luxury toilet. With this many germs in areas that are touched countless times a day, it’s tough – but not impossible – to keep employees healthy with the help of professional janitorial companies like Stratos. Due to the work place holding so much bacteria, you might want to hire a office cleaning service that can keep your office as pristine and germ free as possible.

Hot spots for bacteria:

  • Keyboards
  • Door handles
  • Light switches
  • Faucets
  • Toilet handles
  • Office phones, tabletops and desks

When the germs win, employers’ wallets lose. Presenteeism, the act of coming to work while sick and not performing at a high level, is a growing problem in our country. Star Wellness reports that being at the workplace while ill can cut individual productivity by one-third or more. With it typically taking an average of three to seven days to recover from the flu, employees can end up coming to work while contagious for days on end. As a result, these under-the-weather individuals cost their businesses $1,500 billion annually, according to EHS Today. Ultimately, presenteeism is far more expensive in the long run than sick leave.

Whether your workplace is home to 15, 150 or 1,500, keeping germs away as much as possible is a must. If you’re a business owner, take charge of your health and that of your employees. Investing in a professional janitorial service will undoubtedly save your business money in the long run.

ServiceMaster by Stratos is a professional janitorial company headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. As a franchise, Stratos has the strength and resources of a multi-billion dollar national brand coupled with the integrity and accessibility of a local ownership model. Specializing in professional janitorial services, commercial specialty cleaning, event and venue cleaning, and post construction cleaning, Stratos services customers in Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama.


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