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10 to Watch: The Seam

Innovation. Growth. Jobs. These are key words when it comes to attracting and retaining talent in a metro area, and Memphis is on a roll. In 2017, Time magazine named Memphis among the top cities where Millennials are moving, and that’s no small accolade when it comes to businesses and their bottom lines.

Each of the businesses on the Greater Memphis Chamber’s “10 to Watch” list is growing, changing, evolving and keeping in step with tech advances and Memphis’s own growth. From Tri-State Bank, which opened its newly renovated retail banking headquarters, to The Memphis Redbirds, which undertook a rebranding effort that taps into the grit and soul of the city, these exciting, innovative movers and shakers are both capitalizing on Memphis’s needle-moving growth and contributing to it.

the seam

The Seam

The Seam, the world’s first online cotton trading platform, began operations in December 2000. It started by specializing in commodity trading and management systems, but since has processed more than $8 billion through its cloud-based platforms. It also has leveraged its software and application development expertise in agriculture to expand into other commodities, including peanuts, dairy and grains. With 17 employees, The Seam made a move to a larger, more modern campus in Southwind earlier this year that has allowed it to grow and host customers and industry partners. Also this year, The Seam announced the creation of a blockchain consortium to deliver new trading innovations while fueling global supply chain efficiencies through emerging technology. “The Seam prides itself in educating younger generations on the future of the cotton industry, and is frequently involved in collaborative efforts to do just that,” said Mark Pryor, The Seam chairman and CEO. The Seam’s typical customers are agribusinesses of all sizes who want to trade or manage their commodity products through a proven platform, Pryor said. “Agriculture has its unique challenges and idiosyncrasies that require an investment in commodity-specific knowledge and understanding,” he said. “We will always be students of the industries we serve.”

Pictured: Mark Pryor, Chairman & CEO

This article originally appeared in the Memphis Crossroads Magazine. Click here to view the entire issue.

Story by: Stacey Wiedower
Photo by: Troy Glasgow


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