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  • Key takeaway: Become involved in your community and harness your business’ Memphis pride.
  • Action items: Invest in local talent, use influence to make the community better, be a good reflection of the community.
  • Read time: 3 minutes

Memphians take pride in their city like no one else. From our barbecue to our Grizzlies and everything in between, Memphis is home to many things we’re proud of. That’s why it’s no surprise that business is booming here!

Since Memphis is one of the greatest cities in which to work, it becomes essential for businesses to stand out among competition without losing Memphis charm. Incorporating Memphis’ roots into your company culture is an essential first step in creating a “Memphis-made” business. But how do you infuse the heart of the city into your business? Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way!

Invest in local talent.

It all begins with hiring locally. Instead of spending money outsourcing prospects from other cities, shift your resources toward grooming and investing in people who are already here and are committed to staying here. Memphis is a diverse, culturally rich city, filled with potential. And who knows better about the city of Memphis than Memphians? By discovering and training up local talent, you are able to translate the language of the city into your business’ culture, thus creating a solid foundation for your business to thrive.

Embrace diversity.

When we think about larger cities, like New York, we often think of the great array of successful organizations that call it home. The city is full of people from unique backgrounds, of different ages and levels of experiences. No organization can benefit from a homogenous talent pool. Work consciously to recruit talent with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Our city is diverse, and your organization should be representative of that.

Claim your community.

In a city as richly diverse and unique as Memphis, you have to understand the community and culture before putting it back into your business. Since Memphis is recognized as the most charitable city in America, what better way to harness Memphis’ spirit than to give back to the community.

While monetary donations are always appreciated, stepping out into the community means so much more and allows opportunities for your organization to make a difference. Use your business’ influence to make the city better. Encourage others to become active members of
the community by participating in local events, fundraising and volunteering your time. By taking these steps, you can increase your own awareness of the community, as well as the community’s awareness of your business.

Become a Memphis-made business by utilizing these tips today, and stay tuned for our final blog post in the series, Making your mark in Memphis.

This blog post is the second of a three-part blog series. Follow the link to read part one, You’re in the right place at the right time. To learn more about finding PR success in Memphis This post was written by Jenna Taylor, level II intern at Obsidian Public Relations. If you have questions about public relations and what it can do for your business, connect by emailing


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