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Making Your Mark in Memphis

  • Key takeaway: Making your mark in the Memphis business sector.
  • Action items: Offer something different, be an expert, put your business out there, get involved.
  • Read time: 2 minutes

Creating a Memphis-made business by harnessing the culture of the city is only the first step in making your organization stand out among competition. As we mentioned in part one of the series, there are several unique ways to increase your business’ overall awareness and support, but how do you stand out from other businesses in this booming job market? Here are a few things to incorporate into your strategy!

Offer up something unique.

Your business is more likely to stand out when it’s able to offer something different from the competition. You certainly don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but by offering consumers something unique, even if just slightly, you’re creating an opportunity for consumers to associate your brand with a distinguishable commodity.

Position yourself as an expert.

If you can walk the walk, you should talk the talk. Once your business gets involved in service projects and other philanthropic community events, your window of opportunity for media coverage opens up! This is the perfect time to consider working with a PR firm to secure coverage of your organization doing great things and showcase its expertise by increasing visibility.


Networking can help grow your business’ reach, which can help you stand out among competition! By creating partnerships with other businesses and consumers, you can expand your company’s reach and maintain stability. Joining organizations like the Greater Memphis Chamber gives you the opportunity to attend these types of speaking engagements and corporate networking events, where you’re able to learn firsthand knowledge from leading business professionals.

This blog post is the final of a three-part blog series. To learn more about finding PR success in Memphis, read the first two installments on the Greater Memphis Chamber’s blog. This post was written by Jenna Taylor, level II intern at Obsidian Public Relations. If you have questions about public relations and what it can do for your business, connect by emailing


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