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The story for Memphis in recent months, when it comes to corporate headquarters, is one of retention and expansion. Large corporate relocations to the Mid-South aren’t dominating headlines, but existing players in the market are making new – and big – investments in Memphis, adding up to positive change for the corporate landscape. “What we’re […]

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By Jon W. Sparks Photos by Troy Glasgow Morris Parker is a go-getter. The entrepreneur, who owns and operates a luxury transportation company, aims to keep a balance in his business: “As I started seeing opportunities and as I turned over stones,” he said, “I kept taking every dollar, putting it back into the business […]

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I don’t believe I’ve met an Entrepreneur who did not talk about “growth” or “growing their business.” Yet, growth by itself is almost meaningless unless you quantify your definition of growth. Growth is the fuel for Small Business Survival. Your business will suffer without real organic growth. Personally, I believe in growth and have studied […]

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The first session of the 110th General Assembly came to a close on May 10th, featuring movement on several pieces of legislation important to the business community. Among these was passage of the IMPROVE Act, the Governor’s proposal to provide a dedicated source of funding to improve the state’s transportation related infrastructure. The Greater Memphis […]

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