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Basement flood. Totaled car. Unexpected health scare. These are all scenarios that anyone in their right mind would want to avoid. Not only are these emergencies a hassle on your personal time, they are an unexpected and immediate stretch on your wallet. What is an emergency fund? An emergency fund is an easy to access [...] Read more
I recently took a seminar on leadership in organizational behavior discussing topics like defining effective leadership, what types of people make effective leaders and what results effective leaders produce. One of the main questions we discussed was that while all companies seek effective leaders, how does one really determine if a person will be an [...] Read more
You can’t guarantee what the future holds, but you can make some educated guesses by watching who’s on the move. The months ahead are looking particularly bright for these 10 local companies who have been laying the groundwork and are now poised to enjoy an exciting 2016. This is a great mix of organizations: seasoned [...] Read more

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