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Nowadays, it’s rare for me to scroll through my newsfeed on any of the social media platforms I use and not be bombarded with images. Bombarded in a good way, though. I’m a visual learner, and according to onespot.com, I’m clearly not alone. Research shows that 65 percent of other people prefer visual learning as [...] Read more
Recently, a client asked for guidance regarding how to incorporate new employees into a workplace where employees have worked together for years and treat one another like family. Many of the employees in this company have spent years working side by side, attending each other’s weddings, watching each other’s kids grow up, and supporting one [...] Read more
Ideas are amazing things. If you think about it, they are really the basis of everything. Every business or product that exists was spawned from an idea, and ongoing growth and innovation of those businesses and products are fueled by the continued generation of ideas. In the world of small business, idea generation is imperative [...] Read more

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