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There was a time when the status of being a woman-owned business was a challenge to business progress, but now, there are multiple opportunities to leverage this differentiator as a positive. According to the last U. S. Census Bureau survey, more than a third of Memphis businesses are women-owned, and it’s safe to say more [...] Read more
A universal experience of all business owners is the rarely-quiet concern we have for the companies we run and, in many cases, founded. There's work to deliver, vendors to pay, employees to develop, and competitors to outperform. It honestly never stops. So, what's on your mind so far this year? I bet it includes some [...] Read more
An irritating experience at a local coffeehouse recently reminded me of how important asking great questions is to forging and fostering a solid client relationship. So, for you coffeehouse beginners, most caffeine-seekers get to the register (after enduring the long, long morning lines) and know exactly what they want or at least have a general [...] Read more

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