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It seems like everybody these days is tracking their health status with wearable tech — weight, daily steps, heart rate, and so on. These stats, along with other indicators like blood pressure and cholesterol, give the user an idea of personal health. But how many business owners know the vital numbers for their company’s security?

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The war for talent has been heating up for some time now. The unemployment rate is low, and wage growth is strengthening. All of that equals…Turnover. But what if it’s just the right time to let people go? Get a new perspective on this issue from Brad Federman, COO of F&H Solutions Group.

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Employees are a company’s biggest expense. Beyond salary, employers must consider the cost of office space, technology, benefits like health insurance and even taxes. And that’s just the beginning. Employers want this expense to be successful. And employees want the right fit. So how can we hire better in 2018?

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