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With a wide range of both desirable neighborhoods and places to work, commuting is part of the equation for many Memphians. Luckily, Memphis commuters can add hours to their week compared to those in other cities, with fewer hours and less fuel spent on traffic delays and fewer highway bottlenecks than places like Atlanta, Austin, or Nashville.


Community Commuting Comparison

Urban AreaAnnual Delay Time Per Peak TravelerAnnual Excess Fuel Per PersonMean Travel Time to Work
Atlanta, GA52 hours20 gallons30.4 minutes
Austin, TX52 hours22 gallons25.9 minutes
Charlotte, NC43 hours17 gallons25.7 minutes
Chicago, IL61 hours29 gallons30.9 minutes
Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX53 hours22 gallons27.1 minutes
Denver, CO49 hours24 gallons26.9 minutes
Houston, TX61 hours29 gallons28.5 minutes
Indianapolis, IN43 hours23 gallons24.7 minutes
Los Angeles, CA80 hours25 gallons28.9 minutes
Memphis, TN43 hours21 gallons23.9 minutes
Nashville, TN45 hours22 gallons26.5 minutes
Seattle, WA63 hours28 gallons28.3 minutes
St. Louis, MO43 hours21 gallons25.1 minutes

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