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Access to financing is key for any new venture. That’s why the Greater Memphis Region has a variety of financing incentives in place to help your company get the money it needs to relocate or expand. For a business to grow, its location will also have to grow with it. Numerous businesses also want multiple locations for their company so investing in real estate is a smart move. By listing the properties with Delaware Statutory Trusts, investments can become more affordable and more successful, benefitting the business. An investment sponsor can help companies make suitable investments and encourage their business to grow. A lot of businesses think they have to come up with all the money themselves and there isn’t any help available, but that’s not true. Often companies make bad decisions, like taking out a payday loan to pay for new stock even though the interest rate is way too high. This happens a lot so make sure, if you take out a loan like this, the interest rate is low enough that you can pay it back. To get a low-interest rate, you will have to look for the best credit cards for new credit and build up your credit score that way. Loans can be a valid option for you, as long as you have a good credit score. If you have already taken out a loan that you aren’t going to be able to pay back, you need to look for payday loan relief. Of course there are other types of loans available for real estate investors too. For example, Management Letting Rights businesses (MLRs) are entitled to borrow specific financial resources designed for MLR investors. In case you were not aware, MLRs are enterprises where the business owner manages a unit or villa complex, from day-to-day operations, through to rentals and sales. If you wanted detailed information on Management Letting Rights or MRL lending, visit this page. Above all, if you are still unsure about how to find the best financial resources for your needs, you can browse the available state, regional, local and Downtown Memphis financing incentives below.

Financing Incentives

State & Regional Financing Incentives

This discretionary grant is provided to local communities for eligible expenditures not covered by infrastructure or job training grants. The grant can help offset expenses such as relocation, temporary office space, capital improvements, and retrofitting. It is only used in exceptional cases where a company’s impact, such as net new full-time jobs* and capital investment, in a community is significant. Funds are available subject to the terms of the Accountability Agreement executed by the State, community, and company. TNECD is not able to provide incentives prior to the execution and approval of a contract. Click here for more information on the FastTrack Economic Development Loan Fund.

*A net new job is defined as 37.5 hours per week, for twelve months, with health benefits offered.

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) loan program can be used to assist in financing industrial development projects including new industrial plants, existing industry expansions, infrastructure development and service industries. The loans require participation with another lending institution. There is a maximum loan amount of up to $3 million per project and the low interest loans are repaid over 15-20 years. For more information visit:

Through the Performance Grant, TVA makes direct cash investments in major economic development projects in the Tennessee Valley. Funding is paid directly to the company and it may be used in a variety of ways including public or private infrastructure development, the purchase of fixed assets, energy efficiency or other purposes. Available to projects investing at least $2.5 million and creating 25 or more new jobs. For more information visit:

Local Financing Incentives

In Memphis and Shelby County, small-issue industrial revenue bonds (IRB), also known as industrial development bonds (IDB), can be used for manufacturing purposes. The bonds are issued by public entities on behalf of private, for-profit companies. The bond buyers provide the funds needed by the company. Interest earned by the bond buyers is exempt from federal (and some state) income tax. As a result, the bond buyers are willing to accept a lower interest rate. Click here to learn more.

Downtown Development & Business Incentives

The programs below are administered by the Center City Development Corporation (CCDC) through an application and review process. For more information, please visit the Downtown Commission’s incentives page or call 901-575-0540.

The PILOT program is a financial incentive that is designed to encourage commercial real estate development in and around the Central Business Improvement District by “freezing” property taxes at the pre-development level for a predetermined period of time. To be eligible for a PILOT, the value of the building renovations, site improvements or new construction must be equal to or greater than sixty percent (60%) of the total project cost. Click here to learn more.

The Development Loan program is a financial incentive designed to encourage commercial real estate improvements within the Central Business Improvement District. This low-interest loan program offers up to $150,000 for building renovations based on established project evaluation criteria. The loan is amortized over a 20 year period at a three percent (3%) interest rate with a balloon payment due at the end of the tenth (10th) year. Click here to learn more.

The Downtown Memphis Exterior Improvement Grant (EIG) is a program offered by the Center City Development Corporation (CCDC) that will be available until August 31, 2019. This matching grant is designed to help commercial property owners and businesses make high-quality exterior improvements to their commercial buildings and property Downtown. To be eligible for this grant, the property must be located within the Central Business Improvement District (CBID). In general, exterior repairs and improvements that are visible from the street or public sidewalk are potentially eligible expenses under the grant. Click here to learn more.

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