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Moving your business is already complicated but if you want to construct your own building from scratch then this just throws a lot more red tapes and issues into the mix. Most people are not confident enough to begin a construction project themselves and require [professionals to do the job for them. If you’re not in the area for us to give you a hand, you can look into these excavation contractors elsewhere. Not many people will be willing to go about it themselves, but if you do, you need to bare a few things in mind. For example, if you’re planning on doing bits of the construction yourself you’ll have to consider what materials you’ll need, compare tools like these models of circular saw, make sure it’s all done within regulations. Before beginning the build, it’s also important to get the site assessed. This ensures that work can be carried out on the land without it impacting anything underneath the surface. By using concrete scanning techniques, site owners can assess whether or not there are any potential hazards under the land that could prevent the building from going ahead. These techniques can usually detect all sorts of things, such as underground irregularities and frequencies. Once all land is assessed, building sites should then be given the green flag to begin their construction projects. If you’re not confident with beginning a construction project yourself, then it might be worth finding some experienced construction workers to complete this for you. When you’re in the market for a new place to do business, we make the process as easy as possible. With the help of our One Stop Shop team, you have access to all the resources you need to make your decision. However, if your construction project is not based in this area then you can look at companies like Rickabaugh Construction based in Oregon, check your local area to find a construction company that works for you.

Project Assistance

The One Stop Shop program is designed to facilitate and expedite the regulatory/permit process and to answer a company’s questions about building and fire codes, taxation, utilities, permitting and any other issues. During these confidential sessions, companies are introduced to key local- and state-government resource representatives who can answer questions and also initiate any required permits or reviews.

The Fast Track program helps cut through the red tape or delays associated with construction permitting. Through this program, review of plans is expedited and we work with design and construction personnel to ensure an efficient construction approval process.

The Chamber’s research team can provide relocating and expanding companies with the key market data needed to compare Memphis and Shelby County with other markets. The research team offers assistance with demographic and statistical information, GIS mapping and a host of other research and data services.

The Chamber has access to information on most of the available building and land sites in the Memphis and Shelby County area. The database includes commercial and industrial zoned land with specific infrastructure information such as transportation access, utilities and acreage. The building database includes office, distribution and manufacturing facilities that can be retrieved from over 60 fields. These fields include information such as square footage, ceiling height, as well as rail and lease rates. The database is continuously updated to ensure the most current information. Full color maps can be produced based on the results of each search. Click here to conduct a preliminary search for buildings and sites.

This program offers existing industries no-cost assistance in helping to solve their managerial and technical problems. Issues addressed include industrial engineering, plant layout and process improvement, management assessments for solid and hazardous waste, while also able to help with the evaluation of procedures or processes, such as those involved with selling to the Federal Government. UTCIS utilizes staff professionals and professors from The University of Tennessee, Knoxville and Martin; Tennessee Tech; The University of Memphis; and Christian Brothers University. For more information, visit:

The Tennessee Business Enterprise Resource Office provides technical, financial and business plan development advice for small, minority-owned and woman-owned businesses. BERO services include:

  • Technical assistance, such as obtaining a business license, developing a business plan, exploring financial assistance or expansion assistance, as well as other special needs.
  • Assisting with procurement opportunities, engaging in business matchmaking fairs and advice on making contacts with corporate buyers.
  • Propelling manufacturing initiatives and providing links to resources for expansion.
  • Creating export opportunities and connecting companies to international market data, as well as providing export resources at the local and federal levels.

More information about BERO can be found at

Questions? Click here to email Mark Herbison or call 901-543-3516.


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