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Recently, a client asked for guidance regarding how to incorporate new employees into a workplace where employees have worked together for years and treat one another like family. Many of the employees in this company have spent years working side by side, attending each other’s weddings, watching each other’s kids grow up, and supporting one [...] Read more
Think of the best job you ever had (and yes, it can be your current position). What made it amazing? Was it the type of work you did? The people? The location? Salary? Any number of things combined can make a workplace great, but there’s one thing above all else that matters most to the [...] Read more
I love Friday night football. Friday nights during the fall afford me the opportunity to watch my oldest son play a sport he loves with his best friends inside a stadium filled by spirited fans. And, his high school team is really good! I don’t really understand the strategy of the game nor do I [...] Read more

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