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Home is never far away when you live in Memphis. Whether you’re commuting or traveling for fun — be it Atlanta, Austin, Los Angeles, or Boston — it will be a short trip home from Memphis. Our central location both in terms of physical location and proximity to U.S. population means a relatively short trip by land or air to most major U.S. cities.

The average flight time from Memphis to its 40 direct-flight U.S. destinations is 2 hours & 7 minutes.

Driving from Memphis

Memphis sits on two of the most-traveled interstates in the U.S. — I-40 and I-55. I-69, a 2,600-mile superhighway connecting Toronto, Canada with Monterey, Mexico is currently under construction, and Memphis is roughly the new interstate’s half-way point.

Flying from Memphis

Memphis International Airport offers direct flights to 40 cities in North America (from New York to Phoenix to Cancun). Because of Memphis’ central location, chances are that home is no more than a couple of hours away by air. In fact, the average flight time from Memphis to its 36 direct-flight U.S. cities is 1 hour and 48 minutes.

Weather does not impact operations at Memphis International Airport 99.5% of the time.

Trains from Memphis

Amtrak’s “City of New Orleans” passenger service from Chicago to New Orleans stops at historic Central Station in Memphis, making for great memories. The “City of New Orleans” includes amenities such as a dining car, a theater car, and a sightseeing lounge. From Chicago, Amtrak also provides service to New York, Seattle, Denver, and Los Angeles. You could also get a charter bus chicago to transport you if you’re not a fan of Amtrak,

Buses from Memphis

Memphis has express bus service to thirteen cities provided by Megabus and Greyhound. Megabus offers daily service to six cities, departing from downtown Memphis. Greyhound offers standard routes throughout the U.S. and express routes to twelve cities, departing from the new bus terminal near the Memphis International Airport.

Megabus and Greyhound offer daily and overnight express service to cities like Chicago, Milwaukee, Atlanta and Houston.


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