We Advocate for a GREATER Memphis

The Greater Memphis Chamber is an aggressive advocate for the growth of Greater Memphis and its businesses. At the local level, in Nashville, and beyond, we are the voice for business in Greater Memphis.

Our Team is Your Team

Government Relations

Greater Memphis is a great place to own and operate a business. And that’s no accident. Since 1838, the Chamber has advocated for business-friendly policies that empower homegrown businesses and our region’s workers, and that make investing in Memphis an easy decision. Learn more about our Government Relations.

Business Support

The Chamber has the long-established relationships and knowledge to help your business do business. Our advocacy doesn’t stop with elected officials. We also help our businesses navigate issues with operations, workforce, and the larger market. Learn more about our support services.

Seeing the GREATER Picture

Advocacy plays an important role in building a GREATER Memphis for all. Learn more by reading our Prosper Memphis 2030 strategic plan.



Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Memphis’ superpower is its diversity. And when we create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive economy, everyone benefits. Learn more about our DEI work.

America’s River Crossing

For more than two decades, the Greater Memphis Chamber has advocated for a new bridge over the Mississippi River at Memphis. This isn’t just about expanding bridge capacity to keep up with Memphis’ growth, as important as that is. This is about building future-ready infrastructure that will make our nation and region more resilient to supply chain disruption.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that in December 2023, Tennessee and Arkansas announced plans to replace the Interstate 55 bridge at Memphis.