Greater Memphis Workforce Development

With world-class employers, thousands of small- and mid-size local businesses, and a workforce of 447,700 individuals, opportunities abound in Greater Memphis.

Creating GREATER Opportunities, Building GREATER Futures

The Workforce Development team at the Greater Memphis Chamber works tirelessly to secure bright futures for our current and future talent with new and existing businesses across the region.

It starts with education – as early as Pre-K – and continues through to individual career and skills training and hands-on employer support. Workforce needs continually evolve, and we are dedicated to helping our members and our regional economy stay strong and future-ready.

Seeing the GREATER Picture

Aligning our education system with the workforce needs of employers is one of the goals of our Prosper Memphis 2030 strategic plan.


Investing in Our Workforce Development, from Pre-K through Employment


Pre-K, K-12, Colleges and Universities, and Vocational Training

Learn about the educational foundation in Greater Memphis.



Career Development

Memphis Teacher Externship Program

For generations, students have asked: “Why do we need to learn this?” Greater Memphis teachers who are part of the Teacher Externship Program have the right answer: There is a market need! The Chamber’s two-week summer externship program helps regional employers keep a healthy talent pipeline by bringing high school teachers inside the workplace and demonstrating the knowledge and skills needed to power innovation and competitiveness. Our teachers serve as a bridge between local students and future employment opportunities.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (Wednesday, February 15, 2024) – The Greater Memphis Chamber is now accepting registrations from businesses and teachers looking to participate in its 2024 Teacher Externship Program. The summer program pays high school teachers a stipend to spend two weeks with a host company, providing them with hands-on experience in industries related to the subjects they teach.

Businesses interested in hosting an extern or scheduling time with the Chamber to learn more about this opportunity should fill out the Chamber’s Business Interest Form. Teachers who are interested in applying for this year’s program should complete a Teacher Externship Application.

Featured: Transnetyx

“The teachers can be the workforce advocates and the networkers for us.” — Christine Essary, Strategic Development Manager, Transnetyx

National Manufacturing Day

Every October is National Manufacturing Month, and the Greater Memphis Chamber celebrates with a series of events highlighting local manufacturers and their opportunities. Over the month, the Chamber organizes tours of manufacturing facilities for local students, tours of schools for manufacturing representatives, meetings between teachers and manufacturers, and highlights the industry in media interviews and in social media posts.

Additional Career Development Resources

  • Employers: Submit an opening to the Jobs Boards
  • Job Seekers: Submit your resume to the Resume Bank
  • Professional Certifications

Workforce Virtual Office Hours

Workforce Virtual Office Hours gives Chamber members exclusive access to our subject matter experts on Mondays and Wednesdays, giving members guidance and resources related to human resource management, grants, talent development, and other workforce-related topics.

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Potential Topics


– Incumbent Worker Training: A grant to help fund training and retention of existing full-time employees by providing skills upgrades and process improvement.

– Accelerated Skills: Quicker than two- and four-year programs, these programs support the individual and the employer’s need to move from the classroom to employment. Tuition assistance may be available.

– On-The-Job Training: This grant supports employers who hire individuals in need of short-term training for specific skills required to be effective in their job. The grant will reimburse a percentage of the employee’s wages during the allotted training period.

– Opportunity Youth: Discover the workforce of the future by connecting with youth aged 16-24. We can help you provide career exploration and skill development at no or minimal cost to your organization.

– Work-Based Learning: Students can spend up to 40 hours per week at work while earning credit toward graduation. Learn how you can build your future workforce with the support of our local high schools’ work-based learning programs.

– Untapped Populations: Discuss the opportunities and the value of hiring untapped labor pool talent.

– Federal Bonding/Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC): Our experts will walk you through the process of leveraging hiring incentives, Federal Bonding, and WOTC to build a diverse and inclusive workplace at no cost.

– Apprenticeships: Need access to larger talent pools? Learn how employers can develop industry-driven, high-quality career pathways to prepare our future workforce, remain competitive, and meet economic demand.
Talent Pipeline Development: This training advances understanding of the critical role of talent management in cultivating a highly skilled, productive, and engaged workforce.

– Student Interns: Interested in filling your talent pipeline? We can help you invite homegrown emerging leaders back to Memphis or to stay in Memphis upon graduation from college. Internships are an excellent opportunity to offer college students who are eager to gain hands-on skills and exposure to career opportunities.

– High School & Post-secondary Relationships: Forge relationships with local high schools with career-prep and technical-education programs, or colleges and universities.

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Additional Support

The Chamber offers additional forms of employer resources, from concierge service delivery by our team of experts to research services and tax incentive information. Learn more.