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Remember that time we introduced Music Export Memphis (MEM)? It’s an initiative to create opportunities for Memphis musicians across the U.S. and abroad. It’s also an important tool in our efforts to recruit and retain talented individuals (and their companies) who desire to live in creative cities.
On Saturday, September 24th, we get to see MEM kick off at the AmericanaFest in Nashville, Tennessee. The Memphis Americana Picnic will take place at The Filming Station between 12:00 – 6:00 PM for badge and wristband holders, and it’s going to be an authentic Memphis celebration. Here are five things we’re looking forward to:

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Southern Reins provides equine assisted activities that include horseback riding, barn lessons, horsemanship and Hippotherapy. We are planning expansion of our program services to include equine facilitated mental health services in the near future. Our goal is to provide a platform where participants can achieve, aspire and amaze.

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I have lasted three decades as a business owner. Like most people doing this I go about my business without thinking much about any great philosophy or magic I possess because I don’t. But I do see things that work, so I will share them here.

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As immigrants navigate the complex, emotional experience of becoming an American citizen, Rosalva King is there to help.

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If you're signed up to receive our member communications (sign up here), you already know that our membership department is growing. In the past month, we've welcomed four new team members and are now fully staffed! But today we want to introduce you to our Member Engagement Specialist, Patricia McKinney. As a member of the Greater Memphis Chamber, Patricia is someone you want to know. Her role is dedicated to helping you maximize your membership and find ways to help your business grow. Below she shares a little about herself and her new position:

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