Health Plan Coverage

Healthier Workforce. Greater Savings.

Discover savings, freedom, and simplicity with UnitedHealthcare level-funded health plans for small businesses.

Exclusively available to Chamber small business members, these health plans can save up to 32% off traditional health coverage, guarantee 15-month introductory rates, fixed-monthly claims payments with a potential end-of-year reimbursement, and more.


When medical claims costs are lower than expected, your health plan receives a surplus refund. Because this is level funded, you’ll have a fixed monthly claims payment throughout the plan year. And in cases where medical claims are higher than expected, there’s an automatic stop-loss reimbursement.


UnitedHealthcare offers access to a nationwide network of quality health care providers, dedicated expert service, and 24/7 website access and detailed reports to manage your plan effectively. It also offers programs like UnitedHealthcare Motion<sup>®</sup>, which allows participants to earn more than $1,000 in HSA deposits at no additional cost to your company.

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UnitedHealthcare level-funded health plans give your company a talent recruitment advantage. Our plans guarantee 15-month introductory rates, tiered administrative credits that start at $2,500 for plans for plans with at least 10 members, introductory discounts and rate caps on life, dental and vision products — and more!

Meredith Hennessy


Principal & Practice Leader

Consilience Group, LLC

“Memphis small businesses don’t have to choose between quality and affordability. With UnitedHealthcare plans, we can have both. It’s a tremendous relief to know you’re taking care of your employees as well as your bottom line.”

What options do UnitedHealthcare Level Funded plans offer?

Choose from a variety of plan designs to get the best fit for your business and plan participants.

  • $0 primary care physician (PCP) network copays for kids (EPO/PPO)
  • Deductible range: $500 to $6,350
  • Coinsurance options: 80% or 100%
  • Network only (EPO) options
  • Embedded/non-embedded deductibles
  • Individual stop-loss limits: $15K–$50K (varies by state)
  • Primary care physician (PCP) gated EPO plans with specialist referral required (not available in all markets)
  • Featuring a new virtual-first EPO plan in select markets
  • Real Appeal® online weight loss program available with all benefit plans
  • Savings with hearing benefit offering device discounts
  • Survivorship Benefit included with all medical plans — continued coverage available for dependents when a plan participant passes away


  • Specialist tiering (not available in all markets)
  • Advanced — deductible range $1,000–$5,000, 50% coinsurance
  • Premier performance — deductible range $1,000–$5,000, 80% coinsurance; $0 PRO PCP copays for kids, $10–$15 PCP copay for adults
  • Deductible range: $1,000–$3,000, 80% coinsurance
  • $0 copay for the first 3 PCP/specialist combined visits
  • $0 copay for the first 2 urgent care visits
  • Choice Plus (PPO)
  • Core Network

What’s included with prescription drugs?

Get anywhere, anytime answers about prescription drugs. OptumRx® makes it easy to get prescriptions, cost estimates and savings on medications.

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  • PreCheck MyScript® — real-time plan costs and benefit information
  • Dx2Rx — streamlines the Prior Authorization process
  • Refill and Save — 30- to 90-day retail or mail-order pharmacy supplies
  • Advantage Prescription Drug List (PDL) or Essential PDL (unique benefit designs; not available in all markets)
  • Opioid management
  • Point-of-sale discounts


Are there wellness programs to help my employees improve their health?

As part of your benefit plan, and at no additional cost, we provide your plan participants with ways to help manage their care and get healthier.

With UnitedHealthcare Motion®, participants can get rewarded for something they do every day: walk. They simply sign up, slip on a wearable activity tracker and get moving, no gym required. Participants get a wearable activity tracker and may earn rewards every day — up to $1,095 a year— for meeting 3 daily walking goals.

Visit to learn more.

  • Frequency Six 5-minute walks, minimum of 300 steps, 1 hour apart May reduce risk factors for metabolic and cardiac health $1
  • Intensity One brisk walk of 3,000 steps within 30 minutes or 30 minutes performing other eligible activities
  • May reduce risk factors for cardiovascular, metabolic, mental and bone health, as well as cancer $1
  • Tenacity 10,000+ total steps May increase energy (weight control) $1
  • Total Possible per Day $3
  • Participants and eligible spouses may be reimbursed up to $1,095* or 30% of the plan participant only annual payment (or family annual payment if dependents are covered), whichever is less, each calendar year
  • Quarterly reimbursements for expenses are applied to the out-of-pocket limit calendar year spend
  • 50% calendar year rollover of unreimbursed rewards for those on a non-HSA plan
  • A $55 registration credit can be used toward purchase of an activity tracker or saved for quarterly reimbursements

Need more information?

Read UnitedHealthcare’s brochure on Level Funded health plans here or reach out to your broker. A representative of UnitedHealthcare is also available to answer your questions at 1-866-568-4871.

Administrative services provided by United HealthCare Services, Inc. or their affiliates, and UnitedHealthcare Service LLC in NY. Stop-loss insurance is underwritten by All Savers Insurance Company (except CA, CA, MN, NJ and NY), UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company in MA and MN, UnitedHealthcare Life Insurance Company in NJ, UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company of New York in NY, and All Savers Life Insurance Company of California in CA.