Workers’ Compensation by AccidentFund

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More than 2.6 million nonfatal injuries and illnesses were reported in 2021, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. When workplace injuries or illnesses happen, Worker’s Compensation by AccidentFund is the workers’ compensation insurance solution that can protect your company and your team from financial loss.

With Worker’s Compensation by AccidentFund you will receive:

  • Dividend payments of up to 5% of premiums
  • Convenient billing options
  • AccidentFund’s Loss Prevention Toolbox

Who We Are

AccidentFund is a workers’ compensation insurance program presented by Chamber Benefits Inc., a subsidiary of the Greater Memphis Chamber. This is an exclusive benefit of Chamber membership.

The cutting-edge program combines expert underwriting, superior claims management, artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics with exceptional customer service.

Happy factory worker with text overlayWith us, a different claims experience is possible.


Program Highlights

While we hope you’ll never need us, we’ve planned ahead for the day you do. MemphisComp by AccidentFund actively partners with you and your agent every step of the way to reduce the chances of injuries, and to ensure that if a claim does occur, you’re prepared to support your injured employee and get them back to work.

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Don’t have a broker?

McGriff Insurance Services LLC

“I hear from Greater Memphis businesses all the time that are looking for reliable workers’ comp insurance that will help them take care of their employees while also protecting their bottom lines. To its credit, the Chamber saw the need and partnered with Accident Fund to offer a real, meaningful solution for Chamber member businesses.”

Ask your broker for a Worker’s Compensation quote today. Don’t have a broker? Browse our list below.


Worker’s Compensation Brokers

Clay and Land Insurance
866 Ridgeway Loop Road, Suite 200
Memphis, TN 38120

Collier Insurance
606 S. Mendenhall Rd.
Memphis, Tennessee 38117

Insight Risk Management
7200 Goodlett Farms Parkway
Cordova, TN 38016

Kemmons Wilson Insurance Group
8700 W. Trail Lake Drive, Suite 100
Memphis, TN 38125

Lipscomb & Pitts Insurance
2670 Union Avenue Extended, Suite 100
Memphis, TN 38112

6000 Poplar Avenue, Suite 300
Memphis, TN 38119

Sneed Insurance
4515 Poplar Avenue, Suite 322
Memphis, TN 38117

Why Worker’s Compensation by Accident Fund

Our mission is to mitigate workplace injuries and deliver exceptional healthcare outcomes for injured workers that expedite their return to work, preserve their families’ economic livelihoods and enhance their employers’ productivity.

Our commitment to you is the quick delivery of high-quality healthcare, plus effective coordination between employees, employers, medical providers and insurers.

Work with us to reduce the frequency of workplace injuries through effective safety programs and ensure that your employees get the best possible medical care as soon as possible when injuries happen.


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