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Does your HR department spend their time on people who aren’t meeting dress code or can’t get along with others? Is this the value that you see HR bringing to the organization? For many HR professionals, that role is comfortable, and it’s what many organizations have grown to expect from them. Steadily changing HR’s perception in the workplace from an enforcement role to that of a strategic partner can be great, but change is difficult. Learn how to get started with help from F&H Solutions Group.

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You have contingency plans in place for when things might go wrong—but what about preparing for growth and success? Rapid growth can place stress and strain on your operations—and on your brand reputation. Learn more from the Chamber’s Member Engagement Specialist, Patricia McKinney.

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Influencer marketing is all the rage in digital advertising. It’s a cost-effective way to truly make an impact on an audience with the help of someone they can trust. Working with a big-name influencer can be costly, but every community is full of micro-influencers who love to promote small businesses and brands within their niche. Learn how to find them and what kind of content they can help you with in this blog from the experts at inferno.

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