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Trademarking is a valuable tool for ensuring the success of any business and something that businesses should consider from the get-go to stop potential infringing parties.  For that reason, every business must balance the competing ideologies of whether they want a brand that is more marketable or more trademarkable.  For instance, who wouldn’t want to [...]
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March 28, 2019 5350 Poplar Avenue Suite 200, Memphis, TN 38119 What does your business do? We work with medium sized to large organizations all over the country, assisting them with their technology needs. We focus in 3 major areas:  App Modernization, MarTech Delivery, and Agile Teams. What makes your business stand out? Our focus on [...] Read more

It’s common knowledge that people are the greatest asset for any business. In 2019, good employees will never be more important – or more difficult to find. In this new year, employees will hold most of the cards, but employers can woo the best of them with a few strategic moves.

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