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ChamberCare, a program of Chamber Benefits, Inc., is changing the game for occupational healthcare in Memphis. It consists of health and wellness clinics sponsored by the company, providing unlimited access to a primary care physician to manage employees’ health.
For Greater Memphis Chamber members, ChamberCare is a solution that saves, lowering your company’s overall healthcare spend by at least 20%.

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ChamberCare offers Greater Memphis Chamber member employees and their dependents with quality, convenient medical services from skilled and experienced clinical staff – including primary care, laboratory services, most prescriptions, and a wellness program. Specialist services include pediatrics and occupational health. And all with no out of pocket cost to the employee.

A solution that makes cents.

With ChamberCare, Memphis small businesses benefit from a 50% reduction in urgent care visits and a 20% reduction in overall healthcare costs, plus employee satisfaction that comes from health appointments with an average wait time of just 3 minutes.
ChamberCare is backed by a nationwide network of occupational primary healthcare clinics that have generated long-term savings to clients of over $420 million.

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You’ve never been closer to affordable, cutting-edge care. Schedule online or by phone at 1-901-543-3500.

For Physicians

If you are seeking or making a referral, please contact our nurse line at 1-901-543-3500.

For Employers

Visit Chamber Benefits, Inc., for a full suite of employee health, wellness and safety services, exclusive to members of the Greater Memphis Chamber. And if you’re not a member, we can show you how.

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Changing the Way Healthcare is Delivered in the United States

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Proven savings at Perrysburg Health and Wellness Center

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What employees/patients should know about accessing ChamberCare clinics, services and more.

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An employer/business guide to eligibility, ChamberCare costs, insurance and more.

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A how-to guide for referring patients to and from a ChamberCare provider or clinic.

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HIPAA information, online data storage and much more.

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Don’t take our word for it – listen to others discuss the ChamberCare experience for themselves.

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We’re here to help. Fill out our Contact Form or speak with a representative by calling 1-901-543-3500.
Visit Chamber Benefits, Inc., for a full suite of employee health, wellness and safety services, exclusive to members of the Greater Memphis Chamber. And if you’re not a member, we can show you how.

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If you’re a patient, use our ServiceFinder to locate a clinic and make an appointment.
Contact us today at 1-901-543-3500 and receive a response to your inquiry within 72 hours.

Interested in Becoming a Product Partner?

Chamber Benefits, Inc., (CBI) manages the Chamber’s product partnerships by working closely with your sales, operations, and marketing teams to ensure effectiveness and establish lines of open communication, innovation, and collaboration.
As partners, we work together to share necessary resources for tracking progress, reaching goals, and creating profitable cost saving programs. Our sales teams will work together to grow and nurture the program, our operations teams will work to ensure efficient processes and reporting, and our marketing teams will work to tell your story and extend your reach.
Growing the Program and Partnership:

  • Your organization will develop the training program to educate our team on your on the features, advantages and benefits of your product.
  • Our sales staff works with your sales team to outline and execute all prospecting and sales activity.
  • We ask you provide monthly reports on sales activity, such as leads, lead sources, wins and losses, to help inform and drive our efforts to provide chamber members with high-quality, cost savings benefits.

Marketing the Program and Partnership

  • Our marketing team develops and implements a strategic kick-off campaign to launch the new program.
  • Our marketing team collaborates with your marketing department to procure the best content, insights, and receive final approval.
  • Our marketing team provides you with an outline of both parties’ efforts and results in quarterly program reviews.
  • Managing the Program and Partnership
    At the start of each month, both teams provide new member/client reports from the previous month to ensure effective communication and transparency.
  • We make sure to monitor and reconcile revenue, reporting and collecting the commission due each month.
  • We provide and share with our members any required documentation by the partner, such as NDAs, insurance information, and more.
  • To ensure the program is successful, CBI performs quarterly program reviews to identify trends, opportunities, and challenges. These reviews include sales, marketing and communication, operations, finance, staff, sales collateral, and more.

Partnership Requirements:

  • To be eligible, your business must be a member a Chairman’s Circle of the Greater Memphis Chamber.
  • You must provide CBI with revenue and service projections. This includes the service or item pricing to be outlined with the following: Standard Price, Chamber Member Discount, and Chamber Revenue-sharing and/or marketing fee.
  • All partners must provide proof of stable backend operations to support a large volume of leads and sales fulfillment.
  • here is a minimum startup investment of $10,000 to support the program launch, first year marketing and ongoing operational management of partnership.
  • CBI receives a percentage of commission/marketing fees either monthly or quarterly during the agreement which are determined by minimum revenue requirements.
    • Revenue expectations for all new programs will be shared with you prior to signing any agreement and requires all new programs to achieve non-dues* revenue targets.

*Non-Dues Revenue is defined as revenue in addition to membership dues.
Interested in partnering or would like to learn more? Contact Rob Recker, President, Chamber Benefits, Inc. rrecker@memphischamber.com


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