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Smart business decisions often require accurate and up-to-date data. For example, if you’re planning on relocating your business you need to know if your target audience is a big part of the demographic, where you can find reliable Commercial Movers, how much competition will be in the area, etc. But getting your hands on the research you need, however, can be difficult, time consuming and expensive. It’s different when you work with the Chamber. You have access to a wealth of research services and a research team to help you find just what you need, even how to find sites to review your products to bring you success (find out more here). But mainly, demographic information, membership databases, segmented business lists, maps, community information, and relocation assistance are all available from the Chamber.

We can also assist with determining the best transportation needs for your business. We have personally used and can recommend websites such as Shiply where possible.

Research Services

Up-to-date population statistics are available to all Chamber members, including information on age, employment, number of businesses and more. Also ask about our radius and drive time reports.

New members receive an up-to-date copy of our membership directory, a $250 value for free!

In addition to demographic reports, the Chamber’s research team also provides business lists and customized reports to our members for a discount. View available lists below.

Manufacturing Companies

Companies that mass produce a product and employ at least 10 employees.

Bioscience Companies

Companies that are engaged in the creation of cures and materials for patients, plants and animals with at least 10 employees.

Logistics Companies

Companies that move products and people via plane, barge, rail or truck with at least 10 employees.

Distributions Companies

Companies that provide product distribution, warehousing and a variety of pre-shipment services including repackaging, custom labeling, on-demand repair, live tissue harvesting and drug testing with least 10 employees.

Memphis Major Employers List

Companies with 500 or more employees.

Memphis Headquarter Companies List

Companies with company headquarters within the Memphis metropolitan area and one or more satellite operations outside of the Memphis region.

Foreign Companies List

Companies that are a subsidiary of a foreign-owned parent.

Fortune 1000© Companies

Fortune™ magazine’s Fortune 1000© companies with major operations in the Memphis area.

Call Center & Back Office Companies

Companies that are conducting a back of the office operating such as financial management, data centers, customer service and telemarketing.

Custom Lists

Mix and match companies from any of the lists above or limit the number of records within a list using a specific industry, employees or location.

Please note: The Chamber’s research team provides this company information as a service for site selectors and local businesses but this does not equal endorsement of the companies listed. The team strives to provide accurate and up-to-date information in all of its lists, but we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the content provided. If you have any questions and/or additions to this list, please contact us directly.

Use our marketing materials and previous research such as customer or pricing research, to help sell Memphis to potential employees, customers and vendors. Discounts are available when you purchase 6 or more!

Relocation Guide

Geared toward newcomers and those considering relocating to the Memphis area, the Newcomer’s Guide is an annually-updated overview of the city and surrounding region published as a magazine. The guide includes details about schools, housing, local companies, financial and medical institutions, leisure activities, cultural events, and much more.

Relocation Packet

The Relocation Packet is a stylish folder that includes the Newcomer’s Guide, a Cost of Living comparison sheet, homes for sale booklets as well as a comprehensive contact list of companies and organizations that every new resident needs to complete their move.

All Members

  • Full Membership List
  • One (1) Detailed Demographics Report by Zip for Shelby County

Members Paying Dues of $2,500 and above

  • Access to up to nine (9) Chamber Business Lists
  • One annual demographic report for any type of geography
ProductNon-Member PriceMember Price
Demographic ReportsNot Available$0
Chamber Membership Directory$250$125
Business Lists$25$12.50
Custom Lists$25 plus $.25 per record$15 plus $.15 per record
Relocation Packet$20$10
Relocation Guide$10$5
Shipping & Handling, Domestic (per parcel)$5.75$5.75
Shipping & Handling, InternationalPlease CallPlease Call


  1. Prices subject to change without notice.
  2. Custom list requests are subject to the approval of the Vice President of Research. While requests will be completed as soon as possible, please note that the research team is often working on several requests at once.

  3. Courier and shipping fees for newcomer packets and guides are not included.

To request these lists or if you have any questions, please contact Chad Matheson at cmatheson@memphischamber.com or 901-543-3507.


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