Why We Do What We Do

A Greater Vision for a GREATER Memphis

We are proud Memphians and staunch business advocates. We are 1,500+ members strong, and growing. We are a collective business voice, trusted by local and state governments and our community and civic partners to have a strong vision for the future, powered by data and decades of experience as the region’s largest economic development organization.

As we build a GREATER Memphis for all, our mission, vision, and values keep us focused.

Seeing the GREATER Picture

The mission, vision, and values of the Chamber are woven throughout our Prosper Memphis 2030 strategic plan.


Our mission is to drive the Memphis business agenda for Greater Memphis.

Our vision is for the Greater Memphis area to be globally recognized as an economic leader with a global impact that fosters an authentic business environment unique to the soul of our city.

The lead economic development agency for the City of Memphis and Shelby County, your Chamber is a diverse organization of civic, community, business and professional leaders who follow a collective set of values:



The courage to shape a prosperous future for Memphis.


Leveraging the entire Memphis business engine to drive progress and transformational change.


Harnessing Memphis’ unique heritage and culture to create a one-of-a-kind business environment


Build on Memphis’ legacy of bringing new ideas to the world.


Inclusive of every facet of business, industry and culture.


Uniting the spirit of Memphis to business opportunities around the world.

Want to check on our progress? Read our Annual Reports.