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Ribbons: Fifty Seven Pounds

March 28, 2019

5350 Poplar Avenue Suite 200, Memphis, TN 38119

What does your business do?

We work with medium sized to large organizations all over the country, assisting them with their technology needs. We focus in 3 major areas:  App Modernization, MarTech Delivery, and Agile Teams.

What makes your business stand out?

Our focus on people and our clients’ business drivers is our differentiator. We invest a significant amount in creating a culture where great people want to work and grow. That allows us to find and retain people who know how to deliver value.

Why did you join the Chamber?

Vanick Digital and Fifty Seven Pounds support the chamber as it is critical for a healthy Memphis economy and workforce.

Why 57 Pounds? What does that even mean?

In ancient Greece, a talent was a commercial measure.  A talent of gold or flour weighed 57 pounds.  We chose this name because we are talent focused.  We believe highly creative solutions require exceptional talent. We recruit, nurture, and retain the best and most diverse talent on an international scale.  We work in teams made up of individuals with complimentary talents to increase our scope and efficiency.  When off the shelf isn’t good enough, and companies need custom digital solutions to make technology work better, faster, smarter, and way beyond their expectations, they turn to 57 Pounds for the heavy lifting.  Because we are TALENTED TEAMS DOING DIGITAL THINGS.

What advice would you offer to those wanting to start their own business?

Be prepared to work your tail off.  The concept of “time off” is really a misnomer.  Even though you may not be in the office, you will still be working on, and worrying about, your business.

Who is your target customer?

Our target market are mid-size companies across TN and NC. The majority of our customers use us to create e-commerce applications, CMS solutions, and enterprise applications. We typically work with IT and/or marketing departments that need to scale up their team or a custom solution created and maintained over time.

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