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Economic Development

As a dynamic metropolitan area, national and international brands are well positioned for growth in Memphis. Greater Memphis offers a strong and competitive talent pipeline, unparalleled market connectivity, and a pro-business climate with infrastructure to support any business operation.

Why Memphis?

Talent Pipeline

Greater Memphis offers an extremely competitive talent pool in regards to training, quality, and availability of workers.

Geographic Location

Greater Memphis offers easy access to your company’s consumer base, leveraging it’s geographic location and low-regulation operating environment.

Pro-Business Climate

Companies in Greater Memphis enjoy the benefits of low operating costs, minimal regulations, and an advantageous operating environment.

Key Industries

Advanced Manufacturing

Join the diverse community of manufacturers building products in Memphis.

Agribusiness + Technology

Driving agricultural heritage and the future of food innovation and health.

Corporate + Professional Services

Business support systems and quality talent drive sustainable growth.

Food + Beverage Processing

Learn about our unmatched water quality, proximity to raw materials, and exceptional intermodal infrastructure.

Medical Devices + Innovation

Dive deep into market based research and innovation in the Greater Memphis market.

Transportation + Logistics

Located in the heart of America, global brands move in Memphis. Find your connection here.

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