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According to eMarketer, the average American adult spent more than three hours a day on their mobile device in 2018. At that rate, cellphone screen time is set to surpass that of television this year. What does this mean for marketers? It means more of your digital and organic advertising efforts should be focused on [...] Read more

Influencer marketing is all the rage in digital advertising. It’s a cost-effective way to truly make an impact on an audience with the help of someone they can trust. Working with a big-name influencer can be costly, but every community is full of micro-influencers who love to promote small businesses and brands within their niche. Learn how to find them and what kind of content they can help you with in this blog from the experts at inferno.

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When it comes to events, the goals for PR and digital are the same: Get the word out to as many people in the target audience as possible. One additional objective of digital is to engage with customers. In this post, the experts at inferno take a look at the digital tactics that can be used to support the amazing events your small business is hosting.

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