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Itty bitty wooden seats. Tiny tables. Miniature bookcases. Sinks less than 18 inches from the floor. It’s a small world, but a big undertaking is underway at the new Porter-Leath Early Childhood Academy where 224 of the city’s neediest children learn skills that are expected to change the trajectory of their lives and possibly the course of the community.

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The Seam, the world’s first online cotton trading platform, has processed more than $8 billion through its cloud-based platforms, now including other commodities, including peanuts, dairy, and grains. With a new, modern campus in Southwind and a focus on educating younger generations on the future of the cotton industry, this innovative company is one of our 10 to Watch for 2018.

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Audrey Gregory applies the same dedication and pragmatism to her role within the Chairman’s Circle as she does with her daily work as CEO of Saint Francis Hospital. To her, the Circle represents the growth of Memphis – a cause she feels passionate about.

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