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An international compensation consulting firm recently conducted a survey of 207 organizations regarding their compensation communications practices. They found that nearly 40% of companies that utilize salary range structures do not share salary range information with employees. Twenty-two percent limit information to an employee’s own salary range and ranges for other jobs within the career [...] Read more
According to an article in the October, 2016 edition of Harvard Business Review titled “Why Leadership Training Fails – and What to Do About It”[i], American companies spend $160 Billion on employee training and education. Included in this figure are billions of dollars spent on leadership development training. Yet, when asked if such programs have [...] Read more
Which came first, the chicken or the egg? We could ask a similar question about an organization’s culture. Is culture a manifestation of “how we do things around here” or does culture set the tone for actions that follow? Do we change culture by tackling it directly, or do we start elsewhere and allow culture [...] Read more

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